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Aloha! And thank you for wanting to join in our fun.

We have a new book for 2013. I've just compiled the last three years of songs into one book. For the most part, the old books can still be used.

I Call this our,
'All Together Now' Ukulele Collection. I know, too cute?

To make things easier for you, each song has a page number now, and I've flagged the beginner level songs from those that might be a little more challenging.

I've also added some new features to help aid your use. Check them out.

So, download the
'All Together Now' song book below and get started.

Before I forget, there's one more thing to download, our handout called
'First Steps To Easy Chords'.

This is the method I follow and it's a great aid in breaking apart a song to make it easier to learn.

Remember, if you don't have a ukulele as yet... we can let you play one of ours.

And if for whatever reason you can't print out the books or new songs, I will have the complete collection to lend during each WikiWiki.

Download these two files below:
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    1. 'All Together Now' Ukulele Song Book

    2. First Steps to Easy Chords

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