The Ukulele WikiWiki is quick and easy.  We are an instructional song circle presented with the beginning ukulele player in mind.  We gather the 3rd Sunday of every month in Ballard.

Sorry, no WikiWiki for the month of August. We'll be back in September. We're going on the STRUM ukulele group cruise. Hopefully we'll see you there.

If you have never strummed a chord of music before, or if you are a ukulele lover without a ukulele, no problem – we'll let you borrow one of ours, show you a few chords and get you started on your way to singing and strumming all the songs you ever loved.  It's that simple.

Are you ready to start? Be sure to download these 2 files for your first visit. (Click on the titles.)

1. 'All Together Now' Ukulele Song Book. This is our new song book for 2013. It's a compilation of the past three years of songs - 68 pages of fun. If you have the old books, for the most part, they should be still workable.

2. 'First Steps to easy chords.
There is a madness to our playing and the method I teach is all here. 'First Steps.. ' shows you how to easily break down a song into easy parts for better understanding and ease of playing.

When: Join us on the 3rd Sunday of every month, from 1:30 to 3:30p.  Doors open at 1:15p. First time beginners please come early.  The next scheduled song circle is September 21st.

Where: Ballard Northwest Senior Center
5429 32nd Ave NW, Seattle WA - 206-297-0403
(actually Ballard, near the Locks)
Google Map)

How much: All this for a paltry – $5.00.

Contact: My email - Pat Klopich, or visit our blog site