WikiWiki Jam is going inland: With winter being here we're getting off the beach...
We're movin' our winter jams to the Uptown Espresso on Delridge Way SW, in West Seattle (hench, the DelWiki moniker).   For the winter we'll get to enjoy some good coffee, great muchies and a bathroom.

May 4th th is our next scheduled Kanikapila or jam at the Delridge location You'll find us just off the West Seattle high-rise bridge.  Yup! It's still the first Sunday of the month.

For the DelWiki Kanikapila I want to change it up a bit.   We'll do lots of sing and play.   But, if you have share – song, riff, strum – bring it up Bra.   Or tab out your favorite intro and share it with us.  You know, kind of Show and Tell.

We call these
"DelWiki Treasures" and we'll post them up. Yup! That's a link, and each month we should be adding more - give it a clic.

This Jam is open to everyone, even if you still think of yourself as a beginner... come on down.   It's always fun to play with a crowd and it will be good practice.   I'll have plenty of ukuleles to borrow if anyone needs one.  So no excuses.

What to join in the fun? Be sure to download the WikiWiki Song book below...   I'll also provide an added supplement of other songs.

Download the WikiWiki Song Book: "All Together Now" Ukulele Song Book.   This is a collection of the past three years of WikiWiki songs - 68 pages of beginner and intermediate level.

When: Our next gathering in West Seattle at the Delridge location is planned for May 4th.  Always the first Sunday of every month.  The Jam will start at 1pm and end around 3pm.

Where: Delridge Espresso "The Home of the Velvet Foam" - 3845 Delridge Way SW. 206.933.9497.

Directions: Take the West Seattle Bridge (heading west of course), get in the middle lane.   Once on the bridge take the Delridge exit.   Very quickly at the intersection of SW Andover Street (at the stop light) you'll see a small strip mall on the right -- you're there.   Parking should be plentiful.

If you pass the big office building with the giant American flag you've gone too far... come on back!

How much: It's FREE!   You can't beat that.

Contact: My email - Pat Klopich, or visit our blog site